The Magic of PlayBase

Creative problem solving within a workshop format

PlayBase, the game and workshop format for creative problem solving
PlayBase, the game and workshop format for creative problem solving

Explore change in a safe environment

At denkwerk we sought a solution that would enable teams to manage transitions better and respond quickly and positively to changes. We’ve developed PlayBase, a workshop that provides the crucial foundation for shared visions, shared knowledge, and successful collaboration.

PlayBase is a role-playing game in a workshop format that allows participants to speculate on possible situations by considering threats and opportunities from different perspectives. Players take on different skillsets and problem-solve as a team.

Boost team collaboration

Change can be scary, or it can be exciting. One thing we know for sure is that it is inevitable, and it moves us forward. Whether it is the future of mobility or your organizational structure, by exploring insights & research in a game format, PlayBase opens your eyes to new possibilities and understanding. At the same time, it dissolves hierarchy and galvanizes collaboration. PlayBase is where the best-case and worst-case scenarios can be examined, and players find the common foundation they need to build their next big thing.

  • Team building with PlayBase: Fun in a relaxed and trusting environment

    Team-Building – Have fun as a team in a trust-building environment

  • Education with PlayBase: applied learning about ideas and trends

    Education – Applied learning about ideas and trends unravel complexity

  • Training with PlayBase: Practice communication skills and problem-solving

    Training – Practice communication skills as well as problem-solving

"As a fictional character [...] challenges can be approached more openly and impartially. This is the effect of the role-playing game PlayBase [...]."

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