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PlayBase is a flexible workshop tool that can be holistically aligned to the needs of your company. We can adapt one of the already existing frameworks or develop something completely new together with you, tailored to your company.

In addition, we can guide your employees through the format and train in-house designers to conduct the workshops themselves. Here are some of our services, which we would be happy to customize for you.

The starter

PlayBase Starter

PlayBase introduction workshop is a 2-hour workshop to familiarize you with the game:

- Introduction to underlying methods / process
- Short game session to experience PlayBase
- 10 PlayBase trend cards included
- Up to 30 participants

From 2.500 EUR

Hackathon for Change

Design thinking workshop with PlayBase: a customized solution for the change you need

PlayBase hackathon is a 2-day workshop to uncover and discover favorable changes and different scenarios for your organization after the pandemic.

- Workshop based on “Playbase - New Realities”
- Various brainstorming and prototyping techniques with specially developed canvases
- Presentation of the results and prototypes as pitch
- Learning about storytelling and future thinking
- Hackathon Facilitators
- 4 sets of PlayBase trend card decks
- Ideal for 15-20 participants

From 10.000 EUR

Made for you...

Design thinking workshop with PlayBase: a customized solution for the change you need

We create your bespoke PlayBase game, with which we can explore the specifically researched future of your company and strengthen your future capabilities. The individual roles are developed in cooperation with you to fit you perfectly. In the workshop, you work with us to define the requirements of your company in concrete terms. In addition, you can focus on and strengthen the skills you will need in your teams in the workshop.

- Preparation and/or implementation of comprehensive future research
- Your own PlayBase edition, customized to your company DNA
- Workshops held within your organization to strengthen future capabilities and competencies

Custom Package Rates Vary

Are you interested in one of our workshops or want to discuss an individualized version with us? Then reach out to us and let’s talk!

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